Sunday, April 6, 2008

what is music?

it is both sound and noise, among other things, but is all sound/noise music? my mum once said that when i cried it was like music. i was two months old at the time. now, i feel certain that many people would disagree with her regarding my tears and the associated sounds that accompany same. . . so i wonder: what is music? i do enjoy it, as do my parents. i've also shown an interest in instruments lately. . . honestly on my own. no prodding from the parental units. even as a new baby i was very interested in my dad as he played the guitar, and my uncle, too. of course, my dad always gives me a turn. . .

more recently, i took up the organ. my highchair is near the organ and so i reached out for it. my mother scooted me over to it and i began playing what i believe to be masterpieces. mum was delighted. . . although, i should note that even if i only pooped all day, she would be delighted, but i digress. . . (please anticipate many digressions in future blogging here, as it is inevitable. . .). so where was i, yes, playing the organ. how does this relate to the bigger question: what is music? well, i am not actually creating masterpieces. i am making sounds/noises. so the question is: is it music? you decide.


Joey Lu Lus said...

hi lori-
i will bookmark your blog, and check back often.
i can't believe how big phinn is getting!
i see he's got daddy red hair, but he looks like his mama!
hope you are doing great....

nrocpop said...


Phinn is so cute!! I love him. Your blog for him is great, too. When I am back home I will have to remember to favorite this page.