Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This is a crazy holiday. Let's review what I did: picked a pumpkin, carved it, wore a costume, and went to strangers' houses for candy. As odd as it seemed to me, I loved it! I ran through the streets of my parent's hometown all night and it was great!

My gf even came all the way from Wyoming to trick-or-treat with me (okay, that isn't really the reason she came all the way to Michigan . . . . ).

I also enjoyed trick-or-treating with my cousins: Neve and Ethan.

The night was topped off with a celebrity appearance by Napoleon Dynamite (oh, wait, that's my Uncle David).

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Kristen & Tom said...

Ohmy! He's turned into a little boy all of sudden! I can't believe it! Just adorable!