Saturday, January 17, 2009

Road Trip

My first roadtrip began Thursday morning, Jan. 15th. We headed to Georgia where my Aunt Michele, Uncle Ryun, as well as my cousins Neve and Ethan have relocated. I like to think it is only temporary because I miss them horribly. Maybe once this dreadful economy turns around? Economics frustrate me, but I digress............back to the roadtrip.

What is it about the great American roadtrip that makes me feel so adventurous? I feel like an Lewis and Clark or Amerigo Vespucci. . . .okay forgive me as this is the first time I've left Michigan.

Here I am exploring a bit of the great Georgia outdoors with the family:

Gus enjoyed exploring inside:

And here we are a few minutes from home:

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Kristen & Tom said...

That is the sweetest thing! Phinn taking Gus' hand! You are so brave taking a roadtrip like that with the two of them! Good for you! Don't you want to come to Jersey? :)