Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Mom had to go to training in the burbs of DC, so naturally, we went with her. Aunt Kristi came, too, to keep us company while Mom was away . . . .

We had a very cool tour guide.

Since we were there for two weeks, Dad joined us for the weekend. I guess I was feeling pretty cooped up in that hotel room because I couldn't wait to run.

. . . and chase a duck or two.

I tried to get into the White House, but no luck.

I did make it into the Air and Space Museum, though.

We also made it to the National Zoo. Here Gus checks out a bee exhibit.

The lemon slush at the zoo was refreshing, but sour.
The only rough part of the trip was that Gus got sick,

. . . but after several days of oral steroids,
around the clock breathing treatments with his new mask,

and lots of rest, he was ready to go.

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Anonymous said...

Lori, Oh my gosh, Phinn and Gus are getting sooo big. I love reading Phinns' blog, hes sooo smart. ;). Must take after his mommy. Does Gus have a blog yet? Hope everything is well.

Best Wishes,
Kristen M. Farlin