Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why do we love being scared?

Baby frogs love Halloween, too!

A dinosaur at the park!!??!!

Shark on the move.

A baby shark can only take so much . . .

I've had enough!

But, not me (Phinn). I loved trick-or-treating, giving out candy, and being scared! Why do we like being scared? Whether it's haunted hayrides, scary movies, roller coasters, or whatever, it seems that people will pay good $$$ to be scared. See "Pirate Pete" there. He was at my neighbors. He has a voice remote control and he freaked me out, but I loved it! I would beg to see him (repeatedly) then go over and cover my eyes with my hat and recite (repeatedly), "I scared, I scared!" I probably made at least four trips to be scared by him . . .

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Kristen & Tom said...

OMG. They are too cute!! I can't believe Gus is walking already!!! You must be running everywhere!!