Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gus turns ONE!

Gus turned one last Friday. He had a photo shoot at our house. Rachel Jaczkowski did all the pictures. Check her out at http://www.raeartphotography.blogspot.com/ and you can see pics of Owen, too!

In other news, I have a cast as you can see above. It is a pretty cool cast with gore-tex padding and the whole thing can go in the water! I fell off a chair and my boot got caught on the way down. Ouch! All the x-rays were negative, but the orthopedist said it could be my growth plate since I could not bear any weight on it and kept falling. He said it was best to immobilize it for three weeks. It comes off New Year's Eve!

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Kristen & Tom said...

Ohmylord! Your little man is one! And the pics are adorable! Phinn has a cast!! And your hair is adorable!!!